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The Aviatrix:

I recently participated in the fall 2021 reading of The Aviatrix, Book/Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin, Music by Casey O'Neil, and Directed by Timothy Koch, portraying the role of John/Ensemble.  

Above Arkham:

I will be taking on the role of Rosin (Red) Wilcox in Above Arkham, the first film in a planned series of interconnected stories created by Ragnarok Productions. In this first film, teacher/photographer Red is in a struggle with a set of horrific, schizophrenic-induced images and sounds that are more than what they seem.

Jaci Kjernander, dir.; Amanda McGrady, DP; Nathaniel Scott, Collin Rousseau, Gabby Rosson, prods.

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Moms: The Musical Virtual Concert

Streaming with Broadway On Demand, Moms: The Musical gets its premiere virtual quarantine concert on April 24, 2021 starting at 7:00 PM (24-hour On Demand Access) and a special Mother’s Day concert on May 8, 2021 starting at 7:00 PM

Delaney Payne

Moms: The Musical Demo Recording

Completed a demo recording of Moms: the Musical with Kelly Surette and Teddy Hall! I have the honor of bringing their world to light as the bubbly and heartfelt mother, Mia Swanson.

         "Moms: The Musical is the story of two first-time mothers who, from an unlikely friendship,  discover exactly just how strong they are. Both find that striving for perfection leads to struggle, but ultimately - growth. With the help of a trio of moms on a “mom group chat,” we learn about the pitfalls, positives, and technological aspects..."  

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Check It Out Here:

Listen to songs like Out of the Story, Sparkling, Uncensored, and Operation Nickel and Dime Revenge!

*Featured: The Miracle of life, A Wonder to be a Mother, The Huntress, MIL, Sparkling, Pinterest Perfect, Operation Nickel and Dime Revenge, The Birthing Room, Out of the Story, Cheers!, Rose-Tinted Glasses, Do You See Me?, Uncensored, May you Know Love*

All I Want is You

I got to portray Jen, a Netflix and chill without another person kind of gal in this 20 min comedic musical that was submitted to the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Also featuring, Jay Worley, Katie Jurich, and Deanna Anthony. 

Written and Directed by April Brio, this virtual 20 minutes musical comedy focuses a round Jen, Ben, and Ashley as they foolishly flail through life; Jen a self proclaimed coach potato, Ben, a cheater at its finest, and Ashley, a soft soul only searching for attention. 

Full virtual production available upon request.

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